Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Face it -- you're addicated to Facebook

Ok, you've heard the same story many times before:

  1. Your wife or friend tries to convince you to join Facebook.com.
  2. Your wife or friend was convinced to join by one of her friends.
  3. You, your wife, or your friend were all reluctant to join another blog, myspace, or other service dedicated to cluttering up the internet.
  4. You, your wife, or your friend, all reluctantly agree to start your own profile.
  5. You, your wife, or your friend are now highly addicted to Facebook.
  6. You, your wife, or your friend are now all in competition to see who can tally up the most friends possible -- whether or not you've actually spoken to the person face-to-face in over 10 years is irrelevant, it's still a notch on your Friends list.

I have to admit, I was truly uninterested in Facebook. However, once my wife convinced me to join, I was hooked. For me however, there is always an alterior motive.

Blogging is a well known marketing tool to help promote you and your business, or whatever other fiction you want to publish all over the internet. Facebook is another such useful marketing tool, particularly since it involves direct one-to-one conversations with people you wouldn't normally speak with, or haven't spoken to in a long time. The other benefit is that these friends also belong to networks of people who you may have one met, or might be interested in meeting if they are in a position to need your services.

Imagine that... Facebook lets you network with networks of people who you may have never had a chance to chat with. Imagine the potential source of clientele that such a service now exposes you to. Well, as President of Red Dream Studios, I will not shy away from exposing my face on the internet, and hope that the good word spreads...

To see my Facebook profile, visit http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619347463&hiq=caminsky%2Cneal