Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kid Tested. Mother approved: GymMini gets a makeover.

With apologies to Kix cereal, it's sort of the way we feel today with the launching of the new website for GymMini, a playground/gymnasium/party depot establishment in the Bois Franc area of Montreal. GymMini was established in 2007 by a Cindi and Daniel Becker, who decided that all the other gyms in the area just didn't make the grade.

Building and designing a 2-floor toddler housing is a daunting task, to say the least, which is then compounded by trying to staff it and populate the day with fun and engaging activities, such as music, dance, and creative arts programs. So far, the gym has been a resounding success, but GymMini's online presence was unfortunately put on the backburner.

Red Dream Studios was brought in to finally give GymMini a website that matched the playful, vivid decorations and mural paintings of the building's interior. Not only did the site have to look good, but of course, it had to be functional as well. In an effort to reduce incoming phone calls, several online forms were added which would enable parents to register their children in various classes, to discover specials and promotions, to learn about party offerings, and even have an opportunity to submit photos of their children having fun at GymMini.

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