Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marketing your Business on Zero Dollars per Day

This week, Red Dream Studios was in the fortunate position to be featured in 2 blogs talking about the benefits of using online social media networks to promote your company and its services. Because we spend little to no money on mainstream, traditional advertising programs, free services such as Facebook and LinkedIn have become popular means for us to promote ourselves.

The way in which we utilize these services were promoted and spoken about by Doug Williams, a Blogger, Business Consultant and President of the Web Marketing Company Doug Williams and Associates. Doug is also the author of Biz Blog Marketing, and is currently writing a follow up book in which Red Dream Studios will be featured as a case study of marketing on zero dollars.

Andrea J. Stenberg has over fifteen years of experience as a journalist and marketing professional and this week published a blog about how Baby Boomers use Facebook for marketing their small business. Although I'm in theory part of Generation X and not a Baby Boomer, Andrea wrote about how we have had success using Facebook to reach clients they wouldn’t have normally been successful at approaching using traditional means, such as SoftImage and Bell Canada.

We're very humbled by this recent attention but of course, we're always available to chat by the digital fireplace.

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